Bancadati IPv6 setup

Currently there is no IPv6 available in the Bancadati datacenter. Moresi worked out a proposal to be able to provide IPv6.

I know very little about IPv6 and I’m having troubles to keep up with the following proposal, and if it can work or not for the Bancadati network.

Vlans 100 (Bancadati) and 200 (TLRE) are not used, but reserved for public addresses as far as I know.

The provisional solution of the access networks, created at the time for the tests, provided for a configuration as per this attached IP scheme and which you can also find at this link

[PDF extracted, contact me if you want to see it]

It uses the same firewalls as the managent network, through a single base model switch that serves as a mediaconverter for firewalls that only have copper interfaces.

The firewalls are a cluster Fortigate 60E, which have a Firewall Throughput limited.

Provisionally we could use the same solution by inserting the public IPv6 network on the Firewalls in your Public VLAN and the 2 IPv6 Private networks in the Vlan 100 / Vlan 200, using an IPv6 NAT overlapp on the firewalls.

Would you let us know if you want to proceed with this solution or use a different one.

Let’s see what @delandtj says about this proposal.