Balance is lost when bridge from tftchain to stellar

First of all, I really amazed by what TFT has built.
I want to try deploying vps, and try to do small transactions, to make sure everything goes well.

I did bridge from Stellar to TFTChain using this link
I sent my token to

  • Memo Text: twin_532

and I don’t know if testnet is not connected to mainnet.

I decided to send my TFT back to the stellar network using this link

after that, my balance doesnt appear on my stellar wallet.

I tried to contact support but there was no solution, hopefully the Dev Team can help me with my problem. the following is the data that I convey

Polkadot address : sud4sTMMdf88WZxLc4aREAMQaYohZDKeXyuYbeBadF4VGQszi
Twin/TFTChain address : 5E4VVyX8C6ZPUTJ4cRaPHew97vAgSsiU8Xku8NxpWKErMc1x

I really appreciate your help, Thx

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I am sure your tokens are somewhere on TFChain or on Stellar, lucky its blockchain tech, allow us to help you find them back and give you the procedure what to do.
Is it ok for the engineers to look at this on monday? It’s weekend now.

As i see on the ticket from the support, they also escalated this to the devs.