ZeroOS never boots but goes black screen?

I have a few nodes up and running without issues (R620s) and I have 2 DIY systems as well (leftover PC parts) that were running fine for months. Came to check in on those devices and noticed that when I connected my monitor to them (they run headless) the screen was black. Restarted it and it never gets passed this screen (next thing that happens is it goes to a blank screen). Thoughts? Happens with both of my DIY systems

Hello there,

If you haven’t already reached out to us via our live support, please note it is sometimes normal for screens to go blank after the GPU release, so you can check the dashboard at to see the node status. If you’re booting up Zos for the first time; you can filter down with the Farm ID instead.

Additionally, you can also hit alt+F2 to switch to the logs view.

If the issue persists please connect with us over our live support chat and we will assist you there.