Zero OS no longer starting up properly

Hello everyone,

I had to unplug my Dell PowerEdge R620 and my HP Z840.

Now Zero OS is no longer starting up completely. It gets booted via USB Stick, then downloaded and during initialization process suddenly the screen gets black and nothing happens any more.

Node status = offline.

Here is a picture of what comes last before screen gets black.

It used to work all the time (since > 2 years)

Hope someone can help me out.


Both of them go blank? I had one go blank because there was a failed HDD attached.

Thanks for your reply!

It was only one that had the issue I realized after another try.
And yes, it is the SSD. Seems it is not accessible any more.
Can I just replace it with a new one?
I guess a new node ID will be assigned then, right?


Might as well try wiping and replacing the drive.

Amazon sends me a replacement even though the SSD is almost 2 years old.
I’ll go for this option I think.