Zero-Os Kernel could not be executed

During room maintenance I powered off my node for couple of hours and now it throws error like this.
I figured maybe there is something with RAM, but bios shows all sticks as detected showing right values.
Any ideas why this happens?

link leads here but this is out of my knowledge zone already.

okay, nevermind. I redownloaded and reflashed usb configuration and now it suddenly works good. Everything booted and started as it should have.

Very weird. Maybe there was some corrupted files on usb during power down?

It seems there was an issue with a previous version if iPXE that is now fixed. So redownloading and reflashing as you did fixed it since it set the new iPXE version. Not sure. Speculating here.

Very good to know you fixed it so quickly @mrpresident!!

Thanks for sharing this too. We will document it.