Your Wishlist: ThreeFold Partners

I’m wondering who would be on your list for potential partnerships with ThreeFold.
Nothing’s too crazy… a local startup near you, or a large corporation we already know.

Some I like:

Although I fully understand the last two could be built on the TF grid as well (and that would probably be better for the end-user from a privacy perspective) I think these would bring huge amounts of utilization in the form of storage.

What are yours?

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To me, any social media app that can break the monopoly of Facebook is very welcome. When I hear their latest action, block Australian news because they have to share the income from it with the local news media, I am more and more disgusted by their arrogance. I’d like to delete my FB account, alas, my sports club has decided to spread info on events only through this channel :frowning: .

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I agree on a Social platform. Seeing how ClubHouse was picked up and of course FB, Snapchat, TikTok and what not… clearly shows the significant need of social interaction that has always been and always will be there. We can, should and will stir it in a sustainably scalable, peer-to-peer way.

Vero is on our radar …
Excited to see who will be the first one/-s. :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see a meditation app like Insight Timer using the Grid for their backend capacity.

As far as projects with a similar trajectory, I think that iExec could be an interesting partnership. I wonder if there could be some synergy between their experience with trusted execution environments, which are not currently supported on the Grid, and the exceptional security and performance of 0-OS.


Uhh… this is a good one @scott :slightly_smiling_face:
We have Money of Good as one of the ACI members looking to move their app on the TF Grid. You should check them out.