Wednesday March 13 2024 Community Call Announcement

Hello friends, it has been some time since our last community call and we have a lot to share. We’re pleased to announce an upcoming call on Wednesday March 13 at 17:00 CET | 12:00 EDT at this link.

Some topics we expect to cover at a high level:

  • Recent tech developments: tfrobot, 3.13, mycelium, …
  • Around the ecosystem / biz dev + partners / focus on utilization
  • Funding update
  • Updated (coming soon) and documentation (
  • TF Cooperative + End of Minting (not end of farming rewards)
  • TFT

Overall we will paint a clear picture of where we are today and where we are headed. Of course we welcome your questions below here in the comments and we will answer during the call or here directly.


Some things I would be interested in having the team chime in on during the call. Sorry if some seem too token centric, but the technical issues have all been addressed so well there’s not much to comment on about that.

  1. I’d hate to see monthly farmer selloff plague us again like it did previously. Ways to address this have been discussed at length. Could any of the possible solutions be implemented before momentum is lost?

  2. Our percent utilization is great. But allowing endless capacity onboarded will mess up the tokenomics. V4 with the increased pay with utilization will address that potential issue, but if V4 is far away, some sort of temporary cap on new capacity would be wise.

  3. DDR3 is now thoroughly outdated. It will hold back utilization. Obviously DDR4 should be banned on V4. But as above, if far away, a ban on new DDR3 on V3?

  4. BSC is difficult for USA users. The ETH LP is very small and high fees. XLM is considered by many to be a dead chain. What is the status of a new home network?

  5. Last weeks market activity really gave us a stress test for the big leagues. The lack of liquidity was a clear weak point. It disallowed large purchases and prevented holders from having any meaningful off-ramp without severe price drops. I know money does not grow on trees, but a statement of the priority of the team to address this would be meaningful.

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I understand this where to post my questions that either arose from the call, or were send in before and not addressed, in no particular order;

  • What is the status of;
  1. ourworld

  2. ourphone

  3. ventures

  4. cooperations

  5. farming pools

  6. large funding expectations and it’s implications, now that it didn’t come through

  7. I keep on hearing that lot’s of capacity is needed. How much is estimated? And, would that not be a good time to release V4?

  8. We keep on getting these crypto investors. We claim during the call it’s not bad, but when the exchange rate goes up, they switch them on, and I even had one of these guys showing today that he had 8 deployments on his nodes but considers to turn them off if the TFT price drops more. What action is taken to dump those spoilers, or change their minds in stead of pretending they’re useful?

  9. We want more capacity. At the same time data centers are considered to be bad these days. TF talks about new TIER Z data centers better equipped for GPU nodes, what is this status?

  10. Why isn’t there more details coming about about needed capacity and expected rewards on certain GPU nodes? How is GPU measured?

  11. the main complain form companies and IT specialists are that we can’t trust home and kitchen nodes for uptime and redundancy. How are we going to address that? By now it should be super simple to use technolgies like qsfs or other technologies to make it unbreakable for John Doe.

  12. Guardians. The manual says it only takes someone to make another instance of the grid. Another said that doesn’t make you a guardian yet,. What does it take to become a guardian? What are the benefits and rewards? What are it’s duties?


QnA from the community call: Community Call Questions and Answers