Watch: Gateway | Gateway Domain Discussion & Demo

@scott and @Mik talk about and demo gateways, and specifically gateway domains, a relatively new feature where users can attach a gateway to any generic VM deployment from the dashboard. This brings flexibility to the system for people that want to do DIY deployments. Gateway domains allow deployments to run on the grid while remaining accessible from the public Internet.

In this instance, as an example, the team deploys the dashboard via the dashboard itself. But it could be substituted with anything – a website, an online shop, or so on.

Based on call feedback, we are planning a demo on the Wordpress application. We will cover how to deploy it with and without IPv4 network. This will be scheduled for the first week in June. You can take a look at other upcoming calls here.

Is there something you want to see tested on the grid? Let us know and we’ll be glad to explore this in a subsequent community call demo session.