Using the Grid - need some help

Hi everyone.

Started on the farming side of things, but I’m now interested in exploring the Grid itself and how I can use it. Being a complete beginner in this world, there are some things I would like to ask:

  1. (When creating a Profile Manager) I can’t understand where to find the SSH public key and what it refers to? Is it my laptop SSH public key? How can I find it?
  2. Is it possible to use some of the apps, like Owncloud, on the mainnet already?

Last, but not least, someone talked about creating a guide/subforum on how to use the grid, a place just for users, and I think that would be really useful for someone that doesn’t know where to start (like me…).

I apologize if these are some basic questions… Thanks in advance!

Hi @jvsc0. Great questions and we all start the long journey of learning things by taking a first step. Well done, you have just taken a first step into learning how to use the grid :slight_smile:

  1. depending on the OS you are using, you should be able to find your private and public SSH key in the $HOME/.ssh directory (Linux + Macos, I am not fluent in Windows…). De name of the file / key is something like id_rsa and
  2. yes, if you go to you can deploy owncloud.

For Windows, here is a manual to generate one using PuTTY.

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Thanks for the help!

I have MacOS, will look into that!

Okay, so I finally had some time to look into this and found how to generate the public and private keys on my laptop. Now I use the public key to create the Profile on play.grid, right?

And when we talk about “deploying owncloud” this means using a node to give storage to owncloud, right?

Sorry, but I really want and need to understand this!

Yes, public ssh to be filled in.

It means, deploying everything what is needed to run an Owncloud application, that includes storage, yes. See

Thanks for your answer!

But the storage I will provide can be used by anyone or just me?

It’s an OwnCloud functionality to provide in the sharing of documents.

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