Updated threefold.io – March 2024

Say hello to the updated threefold.io :wave:

We can view this as a first iteration. There is more to come, detailed below, and of course we are open to your feedback. Feel free to leave replies to this post and we will discuss / incorporate.

Simplified Messaging. The update focuses primarily on simplifying the story to ensure ThreeFold is understandable for anyone entering the project. Less is more. Straightforward terminology. No over-explaining. There is nothing “new” about who we are and where we are going, but now the story should be clearer. And for those who want to dive deep, the manual is there.

Navigation. This goes along with the above. We reduced the amount of content on the website and created fewer paths for the visitor to ensure clarity so that people are not overwhelmed with options of where to go or what to do.

Utilization Page. The grid is commercially ready and open for usage. In fact, utilization is on the rise. For open source developers and sysadmins, we have extensive manuals to get started. The team is focused on bringing on a core set of partners this year to drive utilization at scale.

Note: We plan on adding utilization stats to this page in the next iteration. Further, the partners listed on the utilization page will be expanded on to show how they will be using ThreeFold technology, the capacity which we expect to need for each partner, and high-level roadmaps – and potentially more.

Updated Look & Feel. The new graphics bring a deeper level of consistency and familiarity. We don’t say that this is “final” but it brings a fresh look for today.

Still to Come. We’ll continue to improve the website. Apart from what’s been mentioned already, some of the planned updates include:

  • Blog Content: We are using and will use blogs to extend the narrative without cluttering the flow of the website. What does it mean to be a cloud & internet service provider? How does TF fit into the DePIN narrative? What was the original intention of the Internet and what is TF doing to see that vision through? We will also go through our blog history to ensure that everything is up to date and clean.
  • An Improved Map: We are planning to create a better, more interactive map of existing ThreeFold capacity and making it easier and more incentivized for people and organizations to extend the grid to where it is not, today. This will be for the website and dashboard.
  • TFT: New documentation is being created around TFT. TFT remains the commercial utility of the project but, for example, What does it mean that TFT will now be limited to 1B rather than 4B total circulation? How will hosters / farmers be rewarded in the future vs how they are rewarded today?
  • And More …

Thanks to the team involved in bringing this update live. We hope you like what you see. Please let us know below if you have comments, feedback, or questions.


I think you should add easiest way to purchase vps or dedicated node like the traditional hosts.

The client just need to choose vps, pay with credit card or crypto and received directly access per mail.

no need to pass per playground and complicated tasks.

Are filters on to do/fix list? ‘GPU nodes only’ doesn’t work.

I thought it was a good idea to set up a commercial branch in addition to the community branch. What is the status of this commercial branch?

There was also talk at the time about a capital injection from an investor. Has this still continued?

Is it also possible to rent computing power from GPUs? In the dashboard I only see CPUs.