Update on New Farmerbot

Hey farmers,

The dev team has been busy, and we’re excited to unveil the latest version of Farmerbot!

Improvements and Features

  • Simpler config - now in yaml format and requiring fewer manual inputs to achieve the same result

  • Better performance and lighter footprint - Farmerbot is now a single efficient binary written in Go, rather than a four container Docker deployment

  • ARM support - We’ll have arm64 builds available from the start

  • Better logs - The bot now periodically prints a summary table for a clear view of what’s happening

Notes about Wake on LAN

The Farmerbot utilizes Wake on LAN (WoL) technology to power on nodes, and it’s important to remember WoL has limitations, such as not working with all routers and requiring that all nodes be in the same LAN subnet. Each node must also be configured correctly to utilize WoL.

We recommend that farmers ensure their nodes respond reliably to WoL before managing them with the farmerbot, to avoid any potential impact to farming rewards. ThreeFold is not responsible for any loss of farming rewards resulting from use of the Farmerbot.


We’ve been running some final tests over the last week and are now ready to invite the community to start using the new bot. See the quick start guide for instructions on installing inside a Grid VM, or check the repo documentation for general information on how to use the program.

We hope that this new version offers a smooth experience for farmers and helps grow an efficient and reliable ThreeFold Grid.

Reminder: Farmerbot is an optional and open-source tool. We are always open to feedback.


So with yaml, can we add and remove nodes from farmerbot without restarting it? I would like to add my nodes slowly to ensure they respond well.

Also, when was a modded?

You’ll still need to restart the bot for config changes to take effect.

Not sure I follow. Could you say more?

I* modded

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