Threefold + Starlink = Partnership?

Here are some quotes from the two letters written by @weynandkuijpers on medium on a possible partnership with Starlink and Threefold.

Click on the hyperlink to read the full letters.

Dear Elon Musk…

“We are building a peer2peer grid of (dedicated) compute and storage capacity where we invite people to create capacity for other people to consume.”

Let’s create internet capacity everywhere!

" Starlink is going live soon. I see unique opportunities to create and connect data processing and storage capacity everywhere."

" Let’s ThreeFold farmers be part of the beta program. We have ThreeFold farmers in the US and Europe and initial coverage should not be a problem"

Sounds interesting? Have a look and share it on your favorite social media platform!

Let us know what you think!

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Sounds really interesting @weynandkuijpers , hopefully :crossed_fingers: , Elon Musk replies and will share it.

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