ThreeFold Pulumi Plugin: Examples

The ThreeFold Manual now contains a whole section on the ThreeFold Pulumi plugin!

In this Pulumi section, we first introduce Pulumi and provide an overview of the project. Then, we give the necessary steps to install Pulumi on your machine. We also guide you through the steps to deploy and test Pulumi with workload examples, such as a virtual machine and a Kubernetes cluster.

For those who want to go deep into the understanding of Pulumi, the Deployment Details section goes into the specifics of Pulumi and explain in-depth the different components of a Pulumi deployment.

Read the Pulumi intro here

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Forwarding a comment from @RobertL on the Telegram Farmers chat here for @Mik: “I hope soon we’ll get some examples for dummies on the various possibilities [with Pulumi]?”

Think it makes for another good follow-up!

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The easiest way to test pulumi would be to

  1. Install Pulumi
  2. Test the Virtual Machine example