Threefold Guide: Deploy a Full VM and Run Apache Guacamole (Docker Install)

Deploy a Full VM and Run Apache Guacamole

Here are the basic steps to deploy a Full VM running Apache Guacamole on the Threefold Grid.

Apache Guacamole is a free and open-source, cross-platform, clientless remote desktop gateway maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.

  • Go to the Threefold Playground
  • Deploy a Full VM (Ubuntu 20.04)
    • IPv4 Address
  • After deployment, copy the IPv4 address
  • In the terminal write
    • ssh root@IPv4_address
  • Once connected, write the following lines in the terminal
    • Create a new user with root access
      • adduser newuser
      • ls /home
        Should see newuser directory
      • Give sudo capacity
        • usermod -aG sudo newuser
      • Make newuser accessible by SSH
        • su - newuser
        • mkdir ~/.ssh
        • nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
          • add authorized public key in file and save
    • Exit the VM and reconnect with new user
    • ssh newuser@IPv4_address
    • sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
    • curl -fsSL -o
    • sudo sh ./
    • docker pull jwetzell/guacamole
    • mkdir guacamole-docker
    • sudo docker run \ -p 8080:8080 \ -v guacamole-docker:/config \ jwetzell/guacamole
  • On your local computer, open a browser and write the URL
    • https://IPv4_address:8080/
    • On Guacamole, enter the following username
      • guacadmin
    • Enter the following password
      • guacadmin
  • Go to the Guacamole Settings
    • Users
      • Create a new user with all admin privileges
  • Log out of the session
  • Enter with the new admin user
  • Go to Settings
    • Users
      • Delete the default user
  • Apache Guacamole is now installed

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Note: This guide showing how to deploy Guacamole is working correctly. BUT the new guide is wayyyy easier and more effective. It comes with 2FA and it connects easily to remote desktop ubuntu.