Threefold Grid Exploration: Netmaker and Wireguard [Closed]

Threefold Grid Exploration: Netmaker and Wireguard

Hi guys,

I am exploring Netmaker, “a mesh VPN for connecting Linux servers over WireGuard®. Netmaker is often viewed as an alternative to Tailscale, ZeroTier, or OpenVPN.”

The documentation is very easy to follow.

Here’s a quick presentation for those of you who are interested. I think this can be a great tool to use on the Threefold Grid.

Let’s have a look…

Table of Contents

Setting Up Netmaker

I could set it up within minutes by deploying a micro VM with Terraform.

Here’s what it looks like when you log into the dashboard:

Note that Netmaker can provide you a domain during installation. So you don’t even need to get a domain on your own. You can explore with their provided domain and decide if you want to install it on your own domain at a later stage. You might need to reinstall Netmaker at this point.

Creating a Wireguard Network

Within a few seconds, you can create a new Wireguard network (here wg-net).

Creating a Key and Adding Nodes

You can quickly create an enrollment key:

Once you have an enrollment for your network, you can add nodes for your Wireguard network.

What do you guys think?

Have you ever explored Netmaker?

A Threefold Guide for Netmaker?

If there is some interest for this, I could make a quick tutorial on how to install Netmaker on the Threefold Grid.

Let us know in the reply section!

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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