Threefold could be great to scale Fediverse

For who don’t know what Fediverse is, here’s a great introduction:

I see a lot of potential joining Threefold and Fediverse: the main problem of platforms like Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed…is the “donation based business model”. It doesn’t allow the user base to grow exponentially and to have the workforce to improve the code and the UI/UX fast enough to compete with corporate socials.

Some 3bot services could be directly federated using ActivityPub, that would make any node of the network also a Federated node (to share server data, updates…).

Would be also great to see on your website a Mastodon and/or PeerTube profile as an alternative channel to follow Threefold news/videos, instead rely only on centralises broadcasting channels like Fb, Tw and YT! :wink:


I actually had a peer tube instance running at some point. I should but it back online.


That would be great! :smiley: you can host Threefold videos as an “ethical mirror” of the YT channel :fallen_leaf: if you want to help these platforms to get visibility and keep take advantage of YT dynamics, you can create a teaser/intro of the video and upload it on YT and invite people to watch the full video on PeerTube. I know is more efforts, so it’s up to you, just sharing a technique to hack a bit the current status quo. :spider:

I already knew Mastodon but the video you posted also mention plenty of others product that have implemented ActivityPub. I’ll check them out. I indeed think this kind of initiative are a perfect match for the grid.


A lot of ActivityPub platforms are popping up in these days, check this list:

Two projects in particular are in development and close to be ready:

Be also aware that any WordPress blog (35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress) can be easily federated (in a basic way) with just a plugin:

I really would love to see these projects compete with corporate social networks. :shark:

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They are currently organising the next conference:

I played a bit with mastoson and peertube yesterday:

I’ll try to get some tutorial how to deploy these on the grid.


mmm, I cannot open them :crying_cat_face:

Yeah I only expose them over ipv6 at the moment. Still have to tweak it a bit to serve them over ipv4

Everything should work now :slight_smile:

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I just noticed that you updated the post :stuck_out_tongue: be aware, in that way I don’t get any notification :wink:

It’s great to have an alternative way to follow Threefold updates: now you can post PT links instead YT links! So people will discover the node. :partying_face:


Just reading in here. Very awesome stuff! This would be very powerfull for us to use to go away from YT or Vimeo maybe…