ThreeFold Community Building Team

Marketing / Communication / Token Support Team

Marketing & Communication

  • Sacha: coordinator
  • Zia: Marketing and Branding expert
  • Sam: Social Media
  • Scott: Technical Marketing
  • Hannah: Communication
  • Joao: Consultant specialising in Data Science and Business Strategy

Partners / Experts / Advisors

Community Building

Team who is behind promoting freeflow and our alliance for a conscious internet. Their purpose is to have millions of users using from an enduser perspective our TFGrid. Ofcourse partner solutions like Uhuru are needed to get us there.

Community Support & Onboarding

  • Scott: Technical Community Lead
  • Weynand: Tech Evangelist and Lead Tester
  • Geert: Tech expert
  • Sabrina: Support Lead
  • 3 people in community support India
  • Support team in Belgium/Dubai/Egypt

Project Onboarding / Partnerships