Threefold Calculator: Workload Discount for a Given Period

Hey guys,

I did a quick calculator for users to know how much TFT they need in their wallet to get the % discount for a given period of time.

Rationale: For example, if you need 100 TFT for the 60% discount, and you have only 100 TFT in your wallet, the minute the deployment is charged by the grid, you go below the 60% discount threshold, and loose the discount. This calculator tells you how much TFT you need to have the discount for a chosen period.

EDIT: New version:

This takes into account that the user spends TFT during deployment.

This way, the user benefits the full discount during the whole period desired.

This is a simple Google doc spreadsheet. If the community likes the idea, we could simply add it there:


Expanding on this calculator, we can catalogue the basic cost (without bandwidth) of different workloads, and also catalogue some different bandwidth level costs for the said workloads.

We would then be able to present those charts, and even compare the TF Grid with other companies and projects.

A great plus, is that users could easily plan ahead their deployments’ costs.

This calculator, coupled with the potential bringing back of v2 billing (talked briefly in the last brain storming call), could be very attractive for businesses. It would then be possible to plan ahead costs in a very precise manner, without surprises.

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