TFGrid roadmap TFGrid 3.7.x (released)

TFGrid roadmap TFGrid 3.7.x

updated 2 Aug 2022

for more high level info see:

3.5-3.6 (DONE)

see Internal roadmap 3.5, 3.6, 3.X . .

  • Dedicated nodes
  • New refreshed more easy UI
  • Pricing updates
  • Rest API
  • GetTFT
  • TFConnect 3.5.0

3.7.X done

  • Minting details (there is forum post about this, please add your comments)
  • Panel Staking Support (using stellar)
    • Allow people to stake for their validator L2 (specs?)
    • Allow people to do delegated staking on Validator from someone else
    • Show that validator is giving reward or not (need minimal 2million TFT)
    • Max is 3m TFT per validator
  • Production release of QSFS = Quantum Safe FileSystem
    • QSFS can use some more testing
    • need to understand better how to use in Kubernetes, VM, …
    • need to check the edge cases & document if changes are required
    • example script how to deploy Minio on top of QSFS
  • ThreeFold Home
    • Is to have your own dedicated node on which you can install
      • Algorand development chain
      • Pre-search node (internet search)
      • Kubernetes Cluster
      • FreeFlow/Uhuru = our first digital twin implementation, host digital life for your friends and family
    • Can be set of scripts e.g. in vlang, worst case, but would prefer web UI or wizards
  • Blocking Issues (make known issues, make sure is on release notes)
    • Minting details
  • TFConnect
    • Private keys management
  • CHATBOT framework (new)
    • will be used in some of our DAO requirements
    • for now more an internal requirement being finished
  • POC with Algorand
    • get to know what would happen if we start using Algorand
  • proof of concept for logic of liquidity pool
  • TFGrid Solutions Concept
    • allow any solution provider to get income by developing solutions on top of TFGrid
  • Reservations of validators L2 and L1 on Stellar or Algorand (TBD)


see TF Product Updates: December 2022 (TFGrid v3.8.0 Updates)



I cannot access the threefold grid now to check my nodes. Before I would go to and it would take me to my page where I would see all my nodes. Now I can’t access that and threefold grid. When I click on the link it stays on this page and doesn’t move forward. Do you know how I can access my page or the threefold grid now?

Hello @stanikzai! You can use to check for your node status. If you are still facing an issue please contact us via our live chats from the website or TF Connect app.

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This works.
Thank you

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