TFGrid Manual Updates - February 2024

ThreeFold Grid Manual Update - February 2024


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Hi there and welcome to our TF Grid Manual Updates series! This dedicated post brings you the latest and most crucial updates from the ThreeFold Manual!

Let’s dive in!


The Manual has seen some major changes since the last update. We reorganized the whole manual to facilitate its navigation.

We now have two distinct sections:

  • Documentation
    • This section provides tutorials and practical information
  • Knowledge Base
    • This section provides information on TF, the technology, its history and more

Here’s an overview of the new manual layout:



The Dashboard section is completely updated!


In this section, we cover all the different features of the new TF Dashboard. Note that for now, the new dashboard is available at


It’s with great pleasure that we present two new sections in the Developers book:

Here’s an overview of the section:


TFCMD (tfcmd) is a command line interface to interact and develop on Threefold Grid using command line.

TFROBOT (tfrobot) is a command line interface tool that offers simultaneous mass deployment of groups of VMs on the ThreeFold Grid, with support of multiple retries for failed deployments, and customizable configurations, where you can define node groups, VMs groups and other configurations through a YAML or a JSON file.

Grid Deployment

The new section Grid Deployment offers all the information needed to deploy your own grid stack.

Here’s an overview of the section:


Note that this is currently only available for dev net, but it will soon be possible to deploy your own grid stack on test and main nets.

You can deploy your own grid stack by following this quick tutorial.

For example, there is a TFGrid backend at this URL:


The Farmerbot section contains now all updated information concerning the new version of the Farmerbot.

Here’s an overview of the section:


Still using the old Farmerbot? We got you covered. Follow this documentation to easily switch to the new Farmerbot.


The manual now has a whole section on Mycelium, an end-to-end encrypted IPv6 overlay network.

Here’s an overview of the section:


Grid Billing

Curious to know how the grid bills workloads and contracts? Read the new Grid Billing section where we provide different examples such as node, rent and name contracts as well as public IP and network usage.

You can find the Grid Billing documentation in the Cloud Pricing section:


Closing Words

Thank you for joining us on this TF Manual update!

We hope that this post has provided you with valuable insights into the latest resources available on the manual.

If there are specific topics or sections that you feel are missing from the manual, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Your input helps us ensure that the manual remains a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for the community.

See you soon!