Tfgrid 3.8 engineering status and WOL

just a quick one, the engineering team is working hard in finalizing 3.8 but we had to break open the sprint and work on the network issue, this also caused delay on our farmerbot for the power management.

More generic info can be found on TF Product Updates: December 2022 (TFGrid v3.8.0 Updates)

some of the features

  • much more easy to use weblets for starters
  • get mastodon:
  • lots of improvements in billing, provisioning, …
  • performance on graphql layer
  • solutions billing, everyone can now built on top = 3e party billing
  • a new monitoring solution delivers so much more insights

we had a blocker to resolve which caused delay

As some of you know we got scalability issues on the planetary network, the one which based on Yggdrasil (the wireguard one is ok). Thanks to the community we have been able to understand much more and some changes will be done to improve the situation, but we still don’t trust it.

it looks like we ended up being a too large part of this decentralized network and this caused stability issues. There is more info further on this forum.

Our RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) message bus (RMB) was using it and this was causing timeouts, we decided to come up with other solution for the RPC part which is an improved version of our RMB (Reliable Message Bus) which has not support for proxy mode.

A lot of new work had to be done to work around this issue see:


This is now done, timeouts should no longer occur.

maintenance release & bug fixed

There are lots of fixed and small improvements done.
The process can be followed on

Release notes on


  • power management, we had to give priority to some other features, will be there in 2-3 weeks max

These kind of updates from you and the team go a long way to increase the morale of supporters.

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I concur Nelson.

Thanks Kristof for the update and the links. A good read for sure.


Nice links. I’ll make a Q&A out of this.

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I just want to point out, f this blocker was not only a problem for basic function of the grid but required a retooling of many of the grids core functions to alleviate the scalability issues.

With that being said I think we should all appreciate that somehow the team in under a month basically re structured the grid while maintaining the current the functionality that we still had throughout the entire changeover.

I hope that everyone can see this was not only a worthwhile reason to delay power management but that it was also quite an achievement for the team


the 3.9 is ready to go, going to testnet now

3.10 is a maintenance release which will be there very soon:

  • ability to use wireguard for communication between machine and webgateway (now yggdrasil and sometimes this is not stable enough)
  • some improvements in how we calculate discount and an savings vs spending wallet, should result in lower price faster for people who are willing to stake TFT

this I believe should give us a very good base for more commercial usecases


Thank you for this informations. Like I know the Wol feature is part of version 3.9. So am I correct in assuming that our farmer bot will as well move to the testnet with version 3.9. soon?