TF Grid Mainnet release 3.10.1

Dear friends,

The GEP for enhancing the security of nodes in homes or behind a NAT firewall has passed positively.

We have now upgraded the TF Grid mainnet to version 3.10.1 to include the following feature:

  • Disallow nodes in purely NATed networks to send mails using an MTA (tcp/port 25). That blocking will only happen for nodes in a home or when the nodes don’t have access to a direct public link.

Next to this feature, we have also found and fixed a connection leaking issue in Zero-Os. The full changelog can be found on Github.

We are still investigating and working on the DNS rate limit feature and the feature to prevent snooping in the home network. Once this is done, it will be included in the next Grid release.

Kind regards,

Sabrina on behalf of the ThreeFold Team