TF 24-08-23 Community Call Recap: 3.50 Proposition

Community Call: 3.50 Grid Proposition

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This is a quick recap of the community call so everyone can get up to speed.

First of all, we renamed 3.12 to 3.50 so we have more room in between 3.11 and the new (more) decentralized iteration of the TFGrid.

The current proposition for 3.50 can be found here. Note that nothing is yet set in stone and we really welcome the feedback from all of you!

Certified nodes

  • Certified concept remains (secure boot)
  • All nodes have the same base reward (simple and governance minimal)
    • In short, proof-of-capacity is the same for every node.
  • Added fees bring the chance to earn more when nodes are utilized
    • Vendor can provide pricing profiles to make this simple for non technical farmers
    • In short, proof-of-utilization can be customized based on the 3Nodes specs.
  • Existing farmers can stay on “fixed” farming and new nodes can be added for a limited period of time
    • The limited period of time should be discussed
  • Potential for vendors to partner with solution/service providers to bring utilization to their customers nodes

Uptime and Farming rewards

  • We propose to enforce a 70% uptime minimum to farm token
  • We also propose a system with different levels (more complex to implement)
  • Read more here

Validator Staking

  • Limit validator staking to those who applied to the original validator program (L0 and L2), for some period of time
    • This means better yield versus allowing everyone to stake
  • Can divert the share of revenue allotted for farm staking, or maybe burn less TFT to boost yield
  • When we implement delegated staking for others, it would be in line with the collateral for nodes

Collateral for nodes (Staking as Collateral)

  • Farmer can either post collateral or have their rewards locked until the required stake is reached
  • Collateral could be used as delegated staking to either farm staking or validator staking (more below).
  • For an example on this, read this part of the 3.50 proposition book

Farm staking

  • Can be that node collateral is
    • delegated to validators (also a limited quantity)
    • used for farm staking in itself (different than validator staking)
  • Is an effective way to increase voting participants
  • Farm staking as a way to unlock additional revenue
  • Still need to think and discuss more about how to do it
    • We need to discuss if we take the 10% from farm staking and 10% for validators staking as one 20% or separetely:
      • Farm/node staking are delegated to validator staking
        • 20% of PoU revenues distributed to all stakers
      • Farm/node staking and validator staking are separated
        • 10% of PoU revenues distributed to farm/node staking
        • 10% of PoU revenues distributed to validator staking

Referral program

  • We need to discuss how to implement it
  • Self-referral fraud must be dealt with properly
  • Revisited some old ideas from the forum, and can pick up the discussion there

I’m with all the others replying here.