Suggestion to create a simulator to calculate validator ROI?

After discussing with Newin (@rblode), we identified some gaps on the calculation of the costs involved and the rewards of validators as it involves:

Total Rewards = PoC + Validator Rewards - PoU

  1. According to, when filling in the minimum hardware requirements of 4TB of SSD Storage + 32 GB of RAM + 4 physical cores as mentioned in here
    farming rewards would be about 432x12 = about 5K TFT.

  2. According to the wiki and taking L0 as an example - the Validator rewards would be 5000 TFT at the end of the year for 100,000 TFT staked.

  3. According to this forum post validators would pay only for the burning (35%) + 5% on the initial cloud unit costs laid out in the wiki.

May i suggest to add validator simulations on top of the farming calculator to simplify the calculations of validator rewards if hosted on top of (1) already existing 3Node or (2) delegated hosting?

Thanks, S & Newin