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We’ve heard you loud and clear lately and we’ve decided to do AMAs on a regular (bi-weekly) basis with our community to answer all your questions in a more efficient way.

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Hi Sam, here are my questions performed with the intendment to help ThreeFold Project.

  1. As a TFT Investor and Titan farmer, I’m concern about the low price and volume of TFT.
    If the concern is obvious as an Investor, I’d like to point out that as a TFT Titan Farmer, at this TFT price I’ll cover Titan price (without considering electricity and internet costs) in 5 years and 6 months from now!
  • Is there a plan to significative improve the price and volume of TFT? If yes is there a timing for it?
  1. About Titan: On information I saw some Titan flagged “V3 compliant”. I checked and I verified that MyTitan is not “V3 compliant”.
  • What’s the benefit to be V3 compliant?
  • If useful how to get it?
  • If a procedure is needed could you please send it automatically at Titan farmers email by Threefold Foundation?
  1. Possibility to buy TFTs for “Crypto People”
    Today the possibility to buy TFTs on Liquid and BTC-Alpha is very limited, moreover, the Pankake use is complex (a “crypto nerd” knowhow is requested).
    Is there a program to list TFT on any Top Exchange, easier and reachable (eg Binance as used by the most important direct TF competitors)? If yes is there a timing for it?

  2. Possibility to buy TFTs. for “Fiat People”
    We know that’s the only real bridge between the Real & Crypto World and the key for real mass adoption is a direct exchange between Fiat and TFT.
    There will be the possibility to buy TFT with fiat through the THREEFOLD Connect app? If yes is there a timing for it?

  3. real Use cases.
    When Real, Significantly, and Profitable Use Cases will be released?

  4. Easy clean UX (User experience).
    Up today a high technical skill is requested to use TF tools.
    When TF tools will have an Easy clean UX (User experience).

  5. Many TF “Products” are under development (Peer-to-peer File Broser, Self-Hosted TF Video Chat, etc…)
    Which of these products and when they will be completely released with an easy, clean UX?

That’s all

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Thanks for your questions, Roberto! Well received!

Questions are now closed for this AMA. Next one in two weeks! :pray: