Submit your questions for next Tuesday's AMA!

On Tuesday November 10 at 5pm CET, we’ll be holding an Ask Me Anything (AMA), an opportunity for the community to have their questions answered. So, please feel free to ask away!

As a note, please reference this week’s community call for recent updates!

Call Details

Call Structure & Principles

  • Being on video (showing your face) is highly appreciated.
  • Please send us your questions in advance via email to or here in this forum topic. :smiley: This will allow us to organize the AMA better.
  • During the call you can also use the chat function to ask questions, which we will answer at the end of the session IF time allows.
  • Anyone is free to say/ask anything they want, as long as they do it using their own name (not anonymous) and do it with the best interest of the ThreeFold Movement and with respect for the community in mind.
  • The moderators have the right to remove people who don’t live up to our code of conduct: Collaboration Manifesto - code of conduct.
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