Specs for TFGRID DAO [Closed]

We are working on our A7 release and one of the important improvements is more features for our DAO on TFChain level for TFGrid.

see this specifications document

We are looking for your feedback.


Minimal Specs TFGRID DAO A6

These are the specs for our next implementation of our DAO on TFChain.

TFChain is our Blockchain technology used to manage a TFGrid and deploy workloads on it.


There are 3 DAO’s in the ThreeFold ecosystem.

  • TFGrid DAO = the DAO for each regional Internet (today we only have 1 region)
    • Deals with all matters related to TFGrid (pricing, farming, …)
    • Voting by farmers, weight related to size of farm.
    • Today we use the forum for this DAO, once A7 is on mainnet the DAO will take over for the matters this DAO is relevant for.
  • TFHub DAO
    • Voting related to TFHub blockchain e.g. upgrades of code
    • Voting done by validators of the TFHub (not active yet)
  • TF DAO (our main DAO)
    • Voting for all generic other matters of the ThreeFold ecosystem
    • Voting done by everyone who owns governance tokens of threefold called TFG.
    • This DAO is not activated yet, we use our forum system for this right now.

More info about how the TF INTERNET OF INTERNETS is constructed see Litepaper Threefold v17 (Important)

This specifications document is only about TFGrid DAO. Each regional internet has a TFGrid DAO.

Who can vote

  • Everyone who is a farmer
  • Voting weight =
    • SUM of all nodes owned by farmer: 2xCU + SU

What can we vote on

Voting Proposal

  • Pricing changes (of TFGrid)
  • Farming policy change or new (there can be quite some different farming policies on 1 TFGrid)
  • Add/Remove of validator on TFChain (the blockchain of TFGrid)
  • Generic Proposal (not linked to an action), can be used to vote on something generic.
  • Upgrade for the TFChain (code upgrade)
  • Give account right to become Certified Node Verifier
    • Need to be able to delete this right as well
    • A Certified Node Verifier has the power to certify a node.
  • Treasury Reward (send TFT to account for specific purpose e.g. grant)
    • This is to reward grants from treasury.
    • TFT in treasury come from channel discount (upto 50%)
  • Solution Registration (someone has build something on top)
    • Need to be able to delete as well
    • Each solution once accepted has ability to use part of the channel discount and can go to multiple accounts e.g. one account has created the solution, one account is selling it, one account is supporting it, they can together share the 50% max channel discount.
    • This mechanism allows reward for people creating solutions on top of TFGeid


The accounts who have a role to play in this DAO


Each account which is a farmer.

TFGrid Guardians

  • A group of people who guard the grid.
  • Max 12.
  • TFGrid Guardians can vote for add/remove of members (simple majority)
  • Their rights
    • They are the only ones who can submit a voting proposal
    • Acknowledge a Farm is certified by linking to the Farming policy with limits
      like max nr cu/su/enddate, proof of certification. These limits are suggested (set) by the TFGrid guardian.
  • On the blockchain they are called council members.

Certified Node Verifier

  • Accounts who have the right to mark a node as certified

How to vote

  • Simple majority will do
  • If 3 TFGrid Guardians say no, then the vote is stopped and voting proposal needs to be redone
    (can be phase 2)

Voting Proposals

  • Can only be submitted by one of the TFGrid Guardians
  • A description can be added to a voting proposal (e.g markdown so we can link to more info or e.g. forum)
  • Start Date / End Date can be added to voting proposal.
  • Min no of votes as required, is in nr of farms who voted. Each farm has 1 vote. Each vote has a certain weight though.

Farming Policy

A farming policy is required to define how farming rewards are given to nodes in line to their certification.

It’s possible to have a custom farming policy for a specific farm, this required TFGrid DAO approval.


  • Name
  • Template (y/n) : if template it means every node new will use this policy as current
  • Reward TFT per CU, SU, NU
  • Node needs to be certified (y/n)
  • Farm needs to be certified (no, gold)
  • Minimal uptime in % (e.g. 99.8 for gold certified)
  • Policy valid till: End Date
  • Immutable

Current object as used on blockchain
Calculator for the simulation

Solution Rewards (NEW)

This is the ability to allow people to build solutions on TFGrid and be rewarded for it.

  • Ability to define a solution
  • Solution has description
  • Defines where the 50% goes to
    • Account & %
    • Can be to max 5 different accounts in 1 solution rewards definition.
  • If less than 50% defined
    • The remainder goes to -> TFGrid treasury
  • Has a unique code linked to it
    • This code can then be used when a deployment happens on TFgrid
  • When code used in deployment the 50% gets differently distributed
  • If no code used on deployment the 50% goes to treasury


  • We do realize it’s possible for developers to use a wrong solutions reward code and as such the reward would go to other solution providers, but we believe there is no reason to do so because developers can only reward others this way.

Resale of 3Nodes (NEW)

Wouldn’t it be cool anyone can sell 3Nodes by means of the TFChain itself.


  • Register node for resell
    • Capacity gets registered
    • Needs to come life at least once a month
    • The seller get 20% of the farming rewards (DIY) if not usable, 60% if alive, in other words the seller is already rewarded for having assembled a node and made it available to the community.
  • The seller can specify
    • TFT Sales Price
  • The Node shows
    • Farming Reward (registered in chain at moment node is offered)
    • Size of box (resource units)
    • Who is the seller
    • … other tbd
  • See in overview, so people can order
  • When I order the node, TFT to escrow
  • When the person who bought brings the node life (in a farm as owned by buyer), then money released

The escrow is needed to make sure that the seller is incentivised to send the node.

the source is on the link above, comments can be done there as well


Is it possible to speak to a ‘Certified Node Verifier’ in regards to verifying our nodes? We would appreciate collaboration on this.