Solutions: Rethink the world (Arte Video)

Hey all!
I’m so excited about this video and the solutions mentioned in it, so I really want to share this one with you guys. Something is totally wrong in the World.

It is spoken in English with German subtitles, there should also be a french subtitled version I think, and maybe a English only version


Seems it’s only made available in Germany, it shows up saying it’s not made available in other countries. When I VPN -ed into Germany it works. Sounds interesting, now all i need is 2 hours :hugs:

Strange, it’s from Arte. Arte creates content normaly in 3 languages, german, english and french. I don’t know the original title.

But its worth the time. Outstanding scientists and experts discuss solutions to change the world to the better.

I have about 25 min. to go watching it. Indeed it’s very interesting. One of many similar interesting videos about these matters. It’s very positive many people wake up although the majority still hasn’t. But it’s all about 'being an example '. Threefold is, in the are of information. As the scientists show, there’s many more area’s to reorganize. I’ve been fortunate to travel the globe for 18 years and it shaped my current view and understanding about life. Now this is the problem I’m having with scientists (and anyone who has ‘studied’); most of them start of at the wrong foot. The start at what they have been taught. That there was 'a beginning ’ st some point. For instance a big bang. And that there’s evolution. Most of them have not yet remembered we are the creators. It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail. The hydron collider in Switzerland is a great example; it’s interesting to see scientists chasing their tail there. When one day they do find the ultimate building stone, they will conclude they look into the mirror. That is a result of our schooling system. We teach children what we believe to be the truth, which many times isn’t. It’s just a perspective. That doesn’t take away that i definitely agree with much in this video and it’s a great movement towards a better society. I’m all for it. I doubt if this forum is the right place to discuss further. Thank you for sharing!