Small request for the farmer dashboard

In the minting report page, there is the current TFT price on top of the page. In the minting report itself however, the amount of TFT minted is presented as a dollar value using a fixed 0.08 USD price, which does not in any way reflect the correct dollar value.
I would suggest using the actual TFT value used on top of the page for this calculation…

Dear @TFFarmer! Thank you for your feedback. The TFT price displayed on the Dashboard is intended for TF Grid billing purposes. For further clarification, please refer to the information provided here

Regarding the TF Minting reports page, the sudden display of a fixed price from the current price in the header may inadvertently suggest a sudden change in value TFT which may lead to confusion. Rest assured, your feedback has been duly noted and will be considered for future enhancements. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I was of course suggesting to replace the fixed price by the current price, not the other way around…
It says on the minting report 1000 TFT minted = 80 USD while the actual value is not 80 USD but rather 32 USD…
I know the calculation is done using 0.08 USD as value, but representing it this way is misleading!

Hey @TFFarmer ! Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We have noted it and added it as a feedback to the dashboard repository. Rest assured, it will be taken into consideration for future developments.