Sharing some inspiration from validator verification calls

We’ve had the pleasure to hold a few dozen conversations over the last week with people who are looking to become validators in the ThreeFold DAO. It’s been such an incredible process and a true honor getting to know this part of the community. :pray: So I wanted to share some takeaways from my calls so far.

While we are missing representation from some parts of the world (for now), the first participants in the ThreeFold validator community are coming from and living in many different countries stretching across six of the seven continents. Antarctica, anybody?

Several of the people I’ve talked to have been in the IT space for quite a long time and have been searching for exactly the type of solution that ThreeFold delivers. They’ve dug into the library, they’ve tested the technology, and they understand that from a technological perspective ThreeFold is offering something completely unique and ®evolutionary.

Others are coming with tremendous experience in the blockchain/cryptocurrency/web3 space. They have gone through hundreds and hundreds of projects and are highly selective about where they get involved. So, they’ve done their research and they chose ThreeFold.

Across all the calls is a common belief in what ThreeFold can do to change the world. They align with the values and the vision. And they are far less interested in the opportunity for financial gain than they are in what ThreeFold will deliver – equality and digital sovereignty to humanity and a better solution for our planet.

While none of this surprises me, it does delight me. It is a representation of the types of people we have in this beautiful community, and who are being attracted to / likely to be attracted to the project. Of course, we have a long way to go, but we are headed in the right direction.

So let’s keep going – bringing more of these like-minded people into the community. We are stronger together.

Once the verification process is done, I look forward to bringing some of these specific stories to the community.


Great to hear @gosam, and even a non-techie like myself, believes that we can make a difference in the world. Kudos to all the technical team that work hard every day to support us and continue making Threefold technology better.


YES! :pray: Where would ThreeFold be without them?!

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Thanks for sharing, @gosam! It’s truly inspiring to learn more about the different stories and backgrounds of our community members :star2:

It’s also an amazing reminder that we’re all sharing the same beliefs in open source, peer-to-peer, equality and inclusion. The world needs a better solution. And together, we’re building this solution :earth_africa: :green_heart: :rocket:

Absolutely, @sweden! The team is doing an incredible job :muscle:

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