Sales Channel Proposition [Closed]

Hey farmers I have a question/proposition for the sales channel system.

Have you heard about the sales channel for proof of utility? In short, farmers have, by default, 10% of TFT price paid by the users using the farm, and if farmers advertise their farm, the sales channel can go up to 50% of the price of TFT paid to use the grid.

I was thinking of a peculiar scenario where it could lead to some problems (or perhaps un-maximized situation).

Say I have a farm with 10 units of reservation (to make it simple). Then some user reserves it all. I then have 10% of the TFT as sales channel.

But then, if I find a user willing to use my farm, in order to get the 50% of sales channel, I couldn’t since my farm is already full. So I could guide this user to another farm, where the other farmer would only get 10% of the sales channel as I would have led the user to the other farmer’s farm, and not the other farmer themselves.

So I would propose this:

Each farmer can have up to 50% sales channel based on their total farm resources, whether they advertise their own farm or someone else’s farm. This would prevent a situation where people use your farm without passing through you as a sales channel, and in that case, you would get 10% instead of 50%.

So this would be the new scenario:

I have 10 units of resources on my farm. Some user takes it all. I get 10% of sales channel.

But then, I find another user that is willing to use 10 units of resources on the Grid in general. I would then have access to the 50% sales channel based on my total farm resources.

This seems to make sense since, without the farmer’s active effort, only 10 units would be used on the Grid. Now, 10 + 10 = 20 units would be used.

So this would in short give the possibility to farmers to get 50% of sales channel and they could get a bonus of sales channel by linking new users to other farms. Indeed, in this scenario, the farmer would have 50% of sales channel as per their total farming resources, plus 10% of sales channel of their total farming resources. In this case, the farmer would have found one user to use 10 units of resources on the Grid in general (with 50% sales channel), and also the farmer was “lucky” (as no direct marketing was done) to get a farmer to use 10 units of their own farm (with 10% sales channel). These numbers could vary depending on what the DAO decides. It’s just the big picture here.

It’s not easy to explain somehow. But anyway. In short, it would give a major incentive for farmers to advertise and find users that would use as much resources as their own farm have. In short, it’s a way for Threefold to incentivize farmers to advertise the Whole Grid, and not just their farm.

Maybe it could be as such: farmers can get up to 50% of sales channel when they advertise and find users to use up to their total farming resources. Any additional users/resources they find through advertising, they could get a certain % of sales channel, maybe not 10% nor 50% but a number that the DAO finds legit.

What do you think? If I went wrong somewhere, tell me!

Please comment and share your thoughts. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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This is not correct for minting v3.0. There is no payout from capacity consumers to capacity producers eg. farmers. Please see the tokonomy v3.0 “proof of utilization” rules here.

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The “sales channel incentive” uses a pool of tokens. This pool of tokens is funded by 50% of all the capacity consumption payments on the TF Grid. The incentive is meant for channel partners who built solutions on the TF Grid. The DAO will awards these incentives to pro active TF Grid solutions builders.

The rules and regulations about how these incentive are to be applied for (see them as a grant) are being developed. Anyone who was an idea to build a service or application on the grid can apply to get this incentive.

Thanks for the reply.

If my post is not coherent with minting v3.0, I could simply delete it so it doesn’t mislead people.

For the 50% and 10%, I was referring to this:

50% Solution providers & sales channel managed by ThreeFold DAO.
from your link above.

I read 10% was by default to the farmer and it could be up to 50% if the farmer is the solution provider/sales channel. I might not understand well this concept and also I might not use the correct terminology.


Indeed with v3 the proof-of-utilization was adapted to support the growth of the ecosystem by energizing the ThreeFold DAO as described in the link Weynand shared. So farmers won’t be receiving 10% or 50% on utilization like in V2. This was also important to have TFT recognized as a utility token.

Thanks for the additional information.

I did read the link but I guess I’ll have to wait and read more documentation to really understand the new minting v3.

I had written a long reply but I’ll just keep it to that for now:

I think farmers need more information on the 50% sales channel + solution providers.

I talked to some people in the community (farmers), and they too don’t understand clearly what it means.

I understand it’s a work in progress, so it’s all good for now. But it must be stated that it’s difficult to understand the actual situation.

Let’s grow together the New Internet!


We will provide more information. But lesson learned in the past are that farmers are interested in becoming services provider (originally to promote their on farm and thus earn more tokens). But… Being a service provider is a very different thing than being a farmer. Farming should be as simple and hands off as possible. Being s service provider is hands on and does require a great deal of knowledge and understanding of cloud services in general and the ThreeFold technology stack in general.

Some did not have the minimal needed knowledge and understanding and were overloading the TF Tech team with questions on pure grid usage / service provisioning.

The small TF Tech engineering team cannot be overwhelmed with utilization questions, so for now we would like to be able to pick and choose who we support in that journey. Hence the channel incentive.

If you have any good ideas on grid utilization please post you idea(s) in a forum topic and we (soon DAO) will see if that can be supported with a channel incentive.


Ok thanks a lot. This is a very clear and comprehensive answer to the situation.

We hope that with increasing usage volume we “incentive pot” is growing and allows the DAO to grant some really cool usage initiatives. :rocket:

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please also check Our solution provider concept is not clear, we need to improve. What can we learn from Foldit

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