Request Gold Farming 2995 [Closed]

Hello @sabrinasadik,

Hereby the request to consider farm 2995 as Gold Farm.
As discussed it meets the current proposed requirements.

Hardware purchased from a recognized vendor (approved by DAO - initially HPE & ThreeFold itself)
Minimum 5 IPv4 addresses per server
Two power supplies or PDU with 2 power feeds which automatically fails over
At least Two Internet Service Provider connections
Tier 3 or 4 data center certified to ISO 27001
Uptime 99.8%
Network connection at least 1GBit/sec per TBD nr of CU/SU
Geographic decentralization - no more than one full datacenter rack per TBD Region size unless and until utilization in that rack is > 50%.
The 3Nodes need to be certified (can be done by TFTech or other actors on blockchain)
TPM2.0 installed and activated

Thank you!