Question on how to use dedicated nodes?


I’m trying to figure out how to actually use the dedicated node when you reserve it? If I wanted to start using the node for deployment etc., how would i go about connecting to it. Maybe there is a tutorial somewhere but I was not able to find it. Thanks in advance.

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Good question!

In short, you first need to rent the dedicated node, then deploy on the TF Grid by choosing your dedicated node. It won’t cost anything more when you select your dedicated node.

  • Rent a dedicated node
    • go to
      • on the left menu: choose portal --> choose Dedicated Nodes
        • choose a node
          • rent it
  • Deploy workload(s) with a dedicated node
    • go to
      • choose a deployment
        • select your dedicated node
          • no additional TFT will be billed for the deployment
      • you can deploy other workloads, as long as you have enough resources on the dedicated node

Thanks for your quick response Mik. On the section when you have your profile loaded and want to choose a deployment I do not see any info on the node i have rented or option to choose it. Do you I need to specify the exact node ID under “manual” filter? Thanks again.

Yes @sudo. I think this is the way.

In the dashboard --> portal --> Dedicated node section, go to “MINE”, then you will be able to see your dedicated node ID.

Choose this node ID in the manual filter in the Playground (

PS: You username is very fitting to the world of Threefold!

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Thanks Mik will have to try this with the node ID then. Yes, happy to be part of the threefold community and trying all the different things on here. The username also happens to be a nickname and the reason I chose it lol.


Ok i was able to get to rent out some dedicated nodes on the grid and they mostly work pretty well with the planetary network ssh remote session but I was trying to rent some nodes with an available public IPv4 address and was not able to remote into the node using the IPv4 on two different nodes. I tried again using the planetary IP to access the same nodes and this works to log into the VM i created but it does not have outbound access with activated IPv4 when deploying. Are these nodes not configured the way they should be or am I not doing something right here?

I used node ID 557 to deploy and lists 1 public IPv4 available but this IPv4 address does not look like is linked to that particular deployment. It is not accessible via SSH and when I log into it through the planetary network address is does not have Internet connectivity. Hope all of this makes sense :slight_smile:

Quite likely bad public IP setup. I believe those are getting purged soon

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Agreed with @FLnelson. I’d be suspicious of any farm that shows a single public IPv4 available. There’s a lot of confusion around how the public IP system works and I think a lot of farmers have just added the public IP of their router, which can never work. Generally public IPs come in blocks, and most of the properly configured farmers are making more than one available.


Got it, yeah thought something is off with the node setup. Thanks guys.