Profitability of cultivation

Hi guys.
From what I see, at least at the moment. Farming is a profitable activity. But eventually, the level of difficulty will make farming not profitable. And the most revenue will go from the cultivation.
I understand that it is too early to talk about cultivation, but IMHO the earlier the better.
If to use current prices for the cultivation. 10 USD for 1 CU minus TF fee, 10% it will sum up to 9 USD for CU. I understand that idea is to create a network using the idea of profitable farming to have a good level of ROI and then make additional money through cultivation. But servers do not live forever you will need to replace HW and even server nodes eventually. Either because they will be broken or will be out of date from a technical perspective. But with such levels of income from cultivation, it will make it questionable whether it is profitable to make HW replacements if servers are not fully loaded.

Any comments about those observations?

Hey Andrey, We believe that once the usage of grid capacity rises farmers can even have a decent ROI with low or without TFT from farming. This is of course far away and until that is the case tens of thousands of nodes need to be added to the TF Grid.

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