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I come into this threefold project from a non-It professional perspective. I have been starting to learn the infrastructure of the internet and brainstorm. I played around with creating VM’s yesterday but wasn’t able to successfully create a putty connection such that I could create a Presearch node. (I expect a weblet will be coming for this specific purpose so I’m not too concerned that I wasn’t successful) After failing at the virtual machine I ended up just downloading docker onto my computer and creating a presearch node that way. It’s looking like the latency score for that node is 4x what it is for my other presearch node hosted at a datacenter in NYC. My systems understanding is that a presearch user submits a search on a browser which goes to a gateway and then from there it is sent to presearch nodes for processing then back to the gateway and then back to the end user. I don’t know where the presearch gateways are physically located currently. My thought is if it would be possible for threefold to be the future primary backbone of these gateways to get them in closer physical proximity to isp’s/end users. Perhaps a 3node hosted in a local datacenter that ran a presearch gateway. Then local end users would send queries to a much closer gateway. It could mean presearch nodes hosted on 3 nodes in the same datacenter or the nearby local geo location could lower the latency scores and increase the robustness of local “presearching”.

On a separate note in regard to the VM’s. I was able to create a VM on one of my 3nodes in a different location but not one located in my same physical location. From what I researched I don’t think this could be caused by firewalls on a router/modem. Just wondering if other farmers like me whom want to expand their horizons have successfully deployed VM’s? The one that I did get to deploy at a remote location to me, I couldn’t connect over ssh. I kept getting network connectivity failures. I couldn’t really figure out if it was on my end or the 3 node end. I did enable ipv6 on my local network so I don’t think it was that. Sorry if I’m all over the place with my thought processes here


I am not a network engineer or an expert on this, but on my router I cannot access devices in my network from my public IP if I am in my own network. Maybe that was related to you failing to setup the node in your network?

For example, I have to use cell data to view my webcam when I am not home. It fails to connect if I am on my WIFI.

I may be totally off base though.

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Presearch gateways run in North America (I believe somewhere around Toronto, Canada) at this moment, but I understood they have plans to decentralise the gateways as well. And indeed, Threefold could bring an excellent backbone to that.
Now, network is a complicated matter. A PRE node on freefarm (datacenter in Belgium) on the TFGrid has a way better latency than the one I run at home, simply because the network connectivity of the DC is way better. So it’s not just a matter of distance. I’m sure however that if PRE gateways are spread over the globe, overall latency will improve.