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ThreeFold Coop Projects

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The TF coop project to be developed in 2024, discussed here, sounds like a great way to foster collaboration between community members and build innovative products. Here is a proposition on how to build projects on the TFGrid with the coop spirit in mind. It’s really just ideas and explorations, so feel free to chime in and share your thoughts!

Coop Project Basic Template

All kinds of basic coop template are possible. Here is a proposition aiming to make the most of the TFGrid functionalities.

  • coop of farmers and developers

  • have in common a given number of GPU and non-GPU dedicated 3Nodes

  • decide different services to deploy on the grid

  • share revenues and costs

  • offer fiat and TFT/crypto payments

Projects and Products

All kinds of products are possible on the TFGrid.

Project Idea 1: Colab-Like Foss

  • propose a google colab FOSS decentralized alternative on TFGrid (v3 or v4)

  • the calculations are done on the grid (GPU or CPU as needed)

Project Idea 2: Game Servers

  • propose different game servers

  • to be used on demand by users around the world

Characteristics/Service offering

  • Pay as you use

  • Instant deployment

  • Use the grid CPU and GPU for workloads

  • Bulk price discount for schools and communities

Free Trial for Users

The coop could assert a portion of the budget to offer free trial of the different products. It would be a great way to showcase the TFGrid abilities.


We invite farmers, developers and users to share their thoughts and give their feedback around these notions.

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I think we will be able to comment on this once we have the slightest grasp on what this co-op stuff is. I thought it was only for overpriced vegetables.

I will try to get more info on the coop then. I understand your POV.