Please beware of scammers selling "certified nodes"

Recently we have been notified of a third-party who claims to be selling certified ready-to-farm 3Nodes. Please note that currently ThreeFold is the only entity selling these types of devices. Anyone else making this claim is a scammer.

Of course anyone can build their own DIY nodes capable of farming on the ThreeFold Grid but ThreeFold has no affiliation with any of them at this time and any purchase would be at your own risk.

We are currently working on a partner program which will allow other suppliers to sell certified nodes and we will update through our official channels when this becomes available. Again, ThreeFold is currently the only entity selling certified nodes.

Please always be vigilant of scammers and take extra efforts to ensure you are talking to someone real when sensitive information or transactions are involved.

Unfortunately this is the world that we live in.