Opensource / closed source debate for Solution Providers [Closed]

Personally, I am a very big advocate of opensource and I believe that everything in the world needs to be opensource, everything (-:

Everything we develop is fully opensource and we believe that this is a necessary requirement for a service like ours.

We have been succesful in building companies which were all opensource and even one of them would have not made it because of a patent law suit if we wouldn’t have been opensource.

what is the industry doing

  • ± all blockchain projects are opensource
  • all code as running on blockchains are for sure opensource
  • ± all infrastructure software companies right now start from opensource

the big question, can we demand people to opensource their solution when running on tfgrid

NO we can not, its a free world, people should be able to run any solution on top of TFGrid.

Can we as ThreeFold promote a product on top of TFGrid which is not opensource?

YES we can


  • complete terms & conditions are signed between enduser and solution provider which fully indemnifies threefold and ThreeFold needs to be able to verify this.
  • we might need service level agreement between us
  • we want to make sure there will be support, we don’t want to disappoint the customers we bring
  • we want to check that the distribution of the reward is fair for all parties

Can we as ThreeFold promote a product on top of TFGrid which is opensource but there are no T&C?

We might be able to do this, but needs to be looked at case by case

  • requirement: the software needs to be 100% opensource and endusers have the ability to chose for themselves if they decide to trust this application. It needs to be all opensource and non commercial.


  • we are looking for feedback on this topic.