Nodeshop & Pre-Order FAQ

Here is a list of FAQs about the 3Node pre-order shop we have gathered over the last weeks. If you have a question you feel should be listed here as well, feel free to put them in a reply. We will always answer them for you and list them if we feel it’s a question that needs to be highlighted as well.

  • Why pre-orders?

3Nodes are currently available for pre-order only for ThreeFold to efficiently organize the logistics and procurement, assembly and shipping.

  • How many 3Nodes are available?

We are currently not limiting the 3Nodes orders at this time, but could at any point in time. The current hardware market is facing shortages due to the pandemic limiting shipping from certain regions as well as the booming of certain mining blockchain projects.

We’re right now procuring according to the demand with a margin.

  • Can I order more than 1 3Node?

We do not limit anyone on order quantities however, we would like to stress an important point.
The Smaller 3Nodes are designed to run on everyday internet connections. Running multiple 3Nodes in one location that has no access to a high-grade (fiber) connection would have a direct impact on the 3Node’s performance.

  • Can I add an external HDD to my 3Node?

At this point in time, we do not support USB disks to be used for farming. This might be something for the future release if the quality of external drives keeps progressing as they are.

  • When Will the Nodes Be Shipped?

We aim to release all 3Nodes according to the following factors for an efficient and sustainable shipping process:

  • List all regions
  • Procure hardware as close to these regions as possible
  • Distribute hardware on a first-come-first-serve basis

Note that the current process from procurement to delivery may take some time. If you don’t feel comfortable waiting, you’re always free to cancel your order.

Check the Pre-Order Terms & Conditions.

We will keep everyone in the pre-order group up-to-date about the progression we make with the batches at all times.

  • What is included in the price of the 3Node Titan v2.1?

The current price includes:

  • 3Node Titan v2.1

  • Installing the 3Node to be “plug and earn”.

  • A 2-year carry-in warranty

  • What is the powerconsumption of the Titan v2.1 ?

Some preliminary show a usage of:

15 W/h when it’s idle.
40 W/h when it’s running at full speed.

  • How much does the Titan v2.1 Farm in TFT?

You can check our farming simulator and how much the Titan v2.1 would earn. You can download the simulator mentioned there to stimulate your scenarios, but keep in mind that these are YOUR simulations and that ThreeFold cannot guarantee any token prices over time.

  • Where can 3Nodes be shipped?

We right now have distribution partners for Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. And we’re at the moment looking into distribution partners for Africa and South America.


Thank you for the run down @Roel - That is very helpful :slight_smile:
Such exciting times ahead :rocket: :tanabata_tree: :world_map:

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