Titan V2.1 Shipping Info

This thread is here to keep all Titan V2.1 buyers informed about shipping status. If you do not find the answer here, please ask below.

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Important update for all Titan V2.1 buyers:

After some of puzzling we did it! For all orders received before Friday the 10th of September we plan to ship as follows:

  • Europe last week of September
  • USA and Canada will start 2- 3 later due to supplier and logistics partner changes
  • All other countries will ship end of October.

We still need some data from you to set up your farm – please check your email inbox.

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All Titan v2.1 buyers should have received an email from farming@threefold.tech in which we ask for details we need to setup your farm and node.


Stupid question. I can’t remember if I already filled out the Google Doc. If I do it again will it mess anything up?

Hi Andreaspow,
I ordered the Titan v2.1 on the 10th of October. I didn’t get any mail in my inbox.
Can you please give me more shipping updates?
Thank you.

Hi ! I did complete a spreadsheet with questions. How to know if the answers were well received and 3Node is okay to be shipped?

Hi ordered on 19 June filled in info spreadsheet a while ago not heard any updates?


Is UK part of all other countries?

Hi there! Thank you for the thread. The order status changed to complete, but I did not recieve anything. Does the complete just mean it’s shipped? Do we get any tracking code or went my package missing? Best regards

Hi there, you should have received a tracking code via email. Did you check spam folder? Maybe your node is even to you by now. Let us know!

We’ve included UK as part of Europe for shipping purposes. :smile:

You would have received an email from us by now asking to re-fill out the form!

I recieved it and it is online! The problem was with DHL but it is all good now! What would be great tho is to have an explanatory blog on all the ports and what you can do with them like add more SSD ect.

Are shipments to the USA still scheduled to begin next week?

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I ordered in June and my order is still processing…

Any update on orders shipping to Canada

When you are shipping to Canafa

Can you please provide an update for shipping to the Americas?