Node Status Bot: Tell Us the Feature You Want! [Closed]

Hey guys,

So with the upcoming TF Grid 4.0 and the Farmerbot, it is fitting for many reasons to update the Node Status Bot.

This bot, developed and maintained by @scott, as already served well many farmers. We would now like to know what kind of features you would like to see on the Node Status Bot.

It doesn’t mean that everything asked here will be easily doable or even possible on the bot, but it would give us a good idea of what farmers need in terms of bot’s notifications.

We won’t create a poll per se, but we ask farmers to share their thoughts on the Node Status Bot and enumerate features they would like. I will update the list as we get more data!


Node Status Bot Feature for TF Grid 4.0: Requests by Farmers

  • Know if 3nodes power on/off successfully with Farmerbot
  • Know if 3nodes miss or not their periodic checks
  • See which farm is associated with a given 3node
  • Daily status update of the registered nodes about on/off farmerbot status

Note: Friendly reminder that the Node Status Bot is a “best effort side project”, and not an officially supported ThreeFold project.

For me the most important feature is to see if everything is fine with the farmerbot.
Some kind of daily status update for the registered nodes about the on/off/off with farmerbot would be nice. Also it would be nice to see the farm the node is registered in for a better overview.
Thanks for the effort Scott!


Great! It’s added. thanks @tabularaza

Hi Mik,

I like to think that our nodes in the DC are doing serious business. I don’t want to take any unnecessary risk, as a mater of fact, have they thought about which farms are allowed to do this? Al of them? Including Gold Farms? If so, if requirements for Gold are so tough, why would we risk an ‘TF unsupported side project’ to jeoporise this?
I don;t have time these days to floow all communications, but I see lots if issues flying by. I don’t have the time to ‘experiment’ anymore, so I’ll wait for the official green light and easy 1-2-3 step setup?

Hi Robert,

The node status bot is an additional tool for farmers to check that their 3nodes are running properly. The node status bot is not the Farmerbot (which is now available for main net and is an official feature of the TF Grid).

The current official way to check the uptime of 3nodes is to look at the TF Dashboard in the Farms section.
There will be official tools for this later on, but the node status bot is there in the meantime.

As for the Farmerbot, the testings are going well, well enough so that the Farmerbot is now on main net, and I understand if you want to wait for the “green light”. Many farmers are taking this route.

I hope this helps.