Nextcloud All-in-One Guide

The guide is now on the TF Manual here:


This might be even simpler than the Nextcloud single deployment guide. And it’s with AIO with Borgbackup out of the box.

Might be good for your customers.


I’m not 100% sure but you may want to check these notes I made for the manual. Please try them yourself first;

  1. I think ufw should still allow 8080 as well
  2. I also opened 3478 both tcp/udp because Nextcloud Talk uses it
  3. How do I set so that after a node reboort Nextcloud lanches itself? I notcied all it takes is ’
    sudo docker start nextcloud-aio-apache’ but I believe with something liek systemctl or so it can come up automatically?

Thanks Robert.

  1. I don’t think it is needed as I tested without 8080 and I can access the page ipaddress:8080.
  2. I took note of this and added it in the guide and the flist itself. Thanks.
  3. The docker daemon runs automatically on linux at restart. And the docker image has restart: always, so NC will restart at restart/reboot. I did a test and it worked.

Thanks Mik.

Weird. Maybe I shold have waited longer after the reboot. Other service slike Peertube were up and this Nextcloud wasn’t. When I started the docker again it was reachable again. Maybe coincidence.

Oh good to know. Were you on full vm or micro vm? How did you set up the instance?

Concerning the port 8080, I did try again without allowing it on ufw allow 8080, and it does work.

You can open it with Firefox for example, where you can accept the “self-signed” https certificate (https://ipaddress:8080).

But the best way is to set the domain name with the A record to your server’s IP address and then access it via:


Then you have a proper https certificate automatically.

Concerning the docker daemon, I will investigate further. If the docker daemon doesn’t restart after a micro VM reboot, I will have to add a cron job perhaps, to boot the docker daemon at startup.


After some testings, it looks like Nextcloud AIO gets restarted too after a reboot. So it should be fine.

But as you noted, it can take some time.

Thanks for all the good feedback and testin @RobertL!

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