Newcomer Farming Questions

I just started looking into TFT Farming and I have some questions left I hope someone of you has an answer to.

  1. Just to clarify if I understood the farming correctly: If I build a system which has let’s say 10 CU and 20 SU will I earn every month the equivalent of 44 USD or is it based on utilisation? So only if the CUs and SUs are actively being used?

  2. When is the TFT / USD exchange rate calculated?

  3. What is the average CPU utilisation based on your experience?

Thanks in advance for any answers :blush:

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  1. It should be about 550 TFT/month. You may have changed the TFT price in the calc, leave it at 8 cents. I would not spend $ on SU unless you already have the storage.

  2. You’ll need to be more specific. Are you referring to the price in the calculator? Recently we agree on that as a community. It was last set at 8 and it doesn’t ever get lowered.

  3. Unless you have utilization, 0 or 1%


So the minimum exchange rate for TFT / USD is 8 cents even if the “real” TFT price is lower?

Yes, that is correct.

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Okay thanks for the answers!