Newbie Farmer (Need Help)

Hi to all. I am new to ThreeFold. Started 1 node for testing. I’m trying to figure it out. Do you have a Discord server of some sort? Is there a reward for transferring resources to the network, or is something also paid when my node is rented? Sorry, I’m not a native English speaker, so mistakes are possible. Thank you.

Hey @alycia! Welcome to ThreeFold, we do have a Discord server and more info on it can be found here. Here you can find information on how rented node contracts work.

Thanks for the reply, but the link is invalid. I could find another way. Please tell me about the farm calculator. If I understand correctly, for 16 vcpu, 128gb ram and 2 tb ssd. Is that 1000 tokens per farm or is that calculator out of date?

@scott can we have your thoughts on this?

Judging by the chat telegrams. It still works out + - 1000 tokens. What is 10$. How do farmers earn money then? More precisely, how are they able to pay for communication + electricity. Not taking into account that such a server is not cheap. How does the team think it should all work?

Also tried to rent a virtual machine. For 1vcpu, 512 mb ram and 15 GB SSD + IPV4 I need to pay 658 + tft… Which varies up to 5$. In centralized analogues, it costs $12 - $15 a year. You don’t need to understand anything. Paid and received. How much of this rent will the farmer receive?

Therefore, I did not understand the expediency of being a farmer. Because the cost of the server + power reserve and how the grid requires uptime. Not including backup high-speed connection.

Also, in central analogues, I understand that I pay at least $12-15 for Ryzen with NVME. Here I don’t know on which node, which cpu model, etc. There is also no internal test and evaluation of the host.

Well, in short, not taking into account that the farmer may have problems due to unknown content on his host.

Farming is still profitable even at the depressed prices for energy efficient machines, and for less efficient ones thanks to the ability to put them to sleep when not used. If you evaluate renting prices outside of nano sized vm’s you will see the prices are comparable, and with staking discounts much cheaper.

I do agree the inability to get the hardware you are reserving on is a shortcoming.

We have not found any abuse on reserved nodes except for some spam mail servers recently. This will not be possible to do anymore in a couple days.

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Thank you all for the clarification. I don’t see the point of this network and its work. Good luck to everyone

Suppliers receive unnecessary tokens. And buyers will suffer losses… given that no one cares at what price the buyer bought the token.
If it is already tied to the dollar… then let it be usdt :slight_smile:

I hang around areas the use the word “shill” a lot, mostly when its just people who disagree but are not truly shills. But this is the first time I’ve seen what I believe is a really shill.