Need to reach customer ! Node : 5471 on Farm : 2990 [Closed]

Hey Threefold community !
I will soon have to relocate my farm. I post here to try to reach the customer using my nodes to have a smooth migration.

So if you are using Node : 5471 on Farm : 2990 please reach me out !

If you want to stay anon, here is my Session app ID : 05199293f1829ea45246abffe7ca5001a9eb24457330023bed236c7ef5446d8b28

Sounds like we could use some kind of notifications service you could follow as user of the TF Grid that would help in these kinds of situations. Do such systems already exist?

Maybe a feature that would work in playground. Some default message that would take care of the most common usecase as maintance of the server.


I totally agree, even a general notification for everybody but with the farm and node infos or so… but i don’t know at all how and if it’s possible.

Relocation is done, topic can be closed.