Mycelium Explorations

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Mycelium Explorations

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We explore the ThreeFold end-2-end encrypted IPv6 overlay network called Mycelium.

We cover how to install Mycelium on a VM, but we also take the opportunity to test Mycelium on two different VMs. As a basic test, each VM will ping each other to check the connection.

Mycelium Test: 2 Full VMs

We show the steps to test Mycelium on two VMs running on the TFGrid.

  • Deploy 2 VMs with Planetary network and SSH into the VMs
  • Update the system
    apt update
  • Download the latest Mycelium release:
  • Extract Mycelium
    tar -xvf mycelium-x86_64-unknown-linux-musl.tar.gz
  • Move Mycelium to your path
    mv mycelium /usr/local/bin
  • Start Mycelium
    mycelium --peers tcp:// quic:// --tun-name utun2
  • Open another terminal
  • Check the Mycelium connection information (address: …)
    mycelium inspect --json
  • Ping each VM with the other VM Mycelium address
    ping6 mycelium_address

To test even further, you can check that, if you stop Mycelium, the ping fails.

Further Explorations

That’s a start right? More to come.

Have you tested Mycelium yourself? Any feedback?

Shout out to @scott for all the help in understanding errors and troubleshooting.

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