Minting Update January 2024

Hello ThreeFold Community,

Following up to an earlier discussion from the Farmer’s Telegram group, I wanted to share a brief update on January’s minting and what we can expect to look forward to for upcoming minting cycles.

Firstly; minting calculations and signings for Jan’24 should be completed later today after which minting will be executed.

For farmers running the Farmerbot we will continue to send additional rewards as per the initial plan that addressed previous minting cycles Nov & Dec’23. These calculations do require manual intervention, but are not likely to lead to extended delays.

Having advised that; with positive feedback coming from the community on testing the new version of Farmerbot; we extend our appreciation to the community and welcome all feedback while we continue to work towards improving the open-source tool. With features in the planning, farmers can expect to gain more insight on their nodes’ behaviour which should provide adequate advantage to farmers to intervene and resolve any noticeable issues. We’re confident this will resolve some of the issues and eventually there will be no need for subsequent rewards until we phase out minting by the end of Q1, 2024. If a minting cycle requires an alternate course of action, rest assured the community will be informed proactively.

Please feel free to leave your questions in response to this post and we’ll be sure to answer them when we can.