Minting November 2023

Dear farmers,

At the end of October, we launched a GEP in regards to applying stricter minting rules to the ThreeFold Grid so we can ensure a more stable Grid where users can rely on the availability of their deployments. This GEP has been approved by a DAO vote and the minting code has been adjusted accordingly.

After carefully verifying and analyzing the minting results of the previous minting cycle, we have noticed that a small number of nodes have been affected by a bug in the farmerbot, which causes some nodes to not wake up within 24 hours. This bug has been reported to the team working on this open-source feature and they have decided to work on a new release of the farmerbot, which will result in a solution for this issue and a smoother operation of the farmerbot.

This means that some nodes that are managed by the Farmerbot (including nodes in our own FreeFarm), will not be credited for some time while they were sleeping. The issue has an impact on 380 nodes.

We would like to remind everyone that the farmerbot is a non-mandatory open-source feature and while it is a very useful tool that the team has worked hard on, please be aware that issues and/or bugs can occur, just like in any other piece of software in the world. The ThreeFold development team is relatively small so we would like to once again encourage our community to look into the tools and code, play around with it, and create issues and feature requests if they want, as the ThreeFold project is open-source and from all to all.

The investigation and verification of the minting file and the subsequent discussion about the Farmerbot issue vs the already passed GEP has resulted in a small delay for Novembers’ minting timing.

Kind regards,

The ThreeFold Team