Minting May 2024

Dear farmers,

It has been brought to our attention that there might have been an issue where some farmers did not reach their uptime requirement due to a bug in the minting code for May 2024.

We have identified some events which were not captured correctly by the minting code, and as a result of this some nodes might have incorrectly received too few uptime

We have looked into this thoroughly and have adjusted the minting code to credit the time spent standby immediately before the end of the period, so that nodes that are managed by the Farmerbot are not negatively affected if no wake up was initiated before the end of the minting period.

There will be an extra minting payout to make sure these nodes are rewarded correctly. This will take place along with the next minting payout, which will be during the first week of July (for the payout of June minting cycle).

We would like to apologize for this inconvenience and thank the community for bringing this to our attention.

Kind regards,
On behalf of the ThreeFold Team


I just received 1 payout for 1 of my 4 servers yesterday, the other servers show 0 TFT payout in the farm dashboard, while there have been no violations?
Also, the missing payments from last month did not come either.
Is something wrong with the payouts or am I reacting too soon?

Hey Erwin, please get in touch with support and provide your Farm ID so we can investigate the minting data and provide more information.