Migration from the ThreeFold App to the TF Connect (ex. 3Bot Connect) app [OUTDATED]

We created an app called 3Bot Connect, which features our decentralized social media platform FreeFlowPages, an easy to use support chat, and a new and improved TFT wallet. For anyone that still has their ThreeFold Tokens in the ThreeFold App, please follow these easy steps to make the transition.

  1. If you haven’t done so already, download the 3Bot Connect app (iOS App Store or Google Play Store).

  2. Create your own 3Bot username and login.

  3. When first downloading the ThreeFold App, you received a seed key consisting of 24 random words which you needed to write down. Import your ThreeFold Tokens by clicking on the + in your 3Bot Connect wallet and typing in your seed key (24 words). See the instruction video.

  4. Start using the 3Bot Connect app!
    If you need any help, feel free to contact us on the Support chat in the 3Bot Connect app or on our website threefold.io.

We would like to remind you once again to write down your seed key, store it in a safe place and never communicate these words to anyone, not even us. ThreeFold can not be held responsible for lost seed keys or fraud from third parties.

The ThreeFold App will be completely replaced by this new 3Bot Connect app on April 1st, so please keep in mind to transfer your ThreeFold Tokens to this new app before that date.

The ThreeFold Team

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